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About Pepper ProEyes

Nearly three years ago, Dottie returned home from 3 weeks of work in the United Kingdom complaining about some difficulties she was having using her progressive lenses for playing golf and commentating. Chief among the issues: the ball was blurry at address unless she altered her head position which then restricted her shoulder turn. While on the course as a commentator she was also losing track of the ball against the sky due to the narrow field of peripheral vision in traditional progressive lenses. Dottie felt like she was walking on a baseball pitcher’s mound; surfaces seemed crowned and distorted. Not much good was happening!
 After demonstrating where her head placement was in order to clear things up for multiple activities, her then optician and current business partner decided to design a progressive lens that would potentially eliminate the issues. Susan Halstead is a New York state and nationally licensed optician who has owned her business in Saratoga Springs, NY for nearly 25 years. Susan worked with a progressive lens developer and together they produced more than a dozen lens designs for Dottie and Susan to trial. When they both liked the same lens, they knew they had a winner… especially given the fact that their prescriptions were completely opposite powers.

The more they talked to friends and colleagues about how the lenses fixed Dottie’s vision difficulties, the more they realized how many people were experiencing the same issues. It was then they decided to form a business and market their lens designs to other golfers and sports enthusiasts.

Pepper ProEyes(TM) is a company co-founded by Dottie Pepper, former LPGA Player of the Year and CBS Sports commentator and Susan Halstead, licensed optician.


Our sunglasses are specifically designed for golfers and golf enthusiasts.

Unlike traditional sunglasses, Pepper ProEyes(TM) sunglasses offer a wide peripheral viewing zone which is capable of sensing and reacting to variable light conditions, allowing the golfer to wear them comfortably from dawn to dusk. The color variation is maximized for navigating the greens and following a ball against the sky. All lenses are made from impact resistant materials and are available in a wide variety of prescription and non-prescription lens designs.

About Dottie Pepper

Dottie Pepper is retired from her role as a professional golfer on the LPGA Tour, having spent 17 seasons on tour while winning 17 official tour events, including 2 major championships. She began working as a television commentator in 2004 and is currently working for both CBS and ESPN covering primarily PGA TOUR events as well as serving as a contributing writer to ESPNW.